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Shipyard Betina

Superior Street! This boat will feature lapstrake construction, hand-hewn everything, and a 25 foot length over all. We invite you to come volunteer with us! We are continuing to build our boat building community of related and supporting crafts. Two nineteenth century floor looms built in MN—one in Finnish style, one Norwegian—are set up and will both be weaving soon.


Here's what we've been up to:. He has built numerous wooden boats and has many, many years of experience teaching hand-tool woodworking. This is an uncommon and disappearing art that is being passionately revived around the world one boat at a time ; we want to do our part in bringing this tradition back to life in a contemporary context and to share it with our local community and the broader Lake Superior region.

We are exploring some of the broader understandings of the term "traditional"—which often refers to the past— and how it relates to us the present. We just couldn't resist. With so many different hands putting work into this boat it is indeed becoming its own unique work of art.

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This is a passion project for us and as such we're volunteering our time and labor. Tusen Takk! Later in we ran a successful IndieGoGO campaign which helped us continue covering basic overhead costs. The training system focuses on practicing essential skills; apprentices enter into tasks progressively, as they develop new skills and search for excellence in the quality of their work. The apprentices participate in the building of different kinds of traditional boats. Thus, they learn different building techniques, such as carvel or lapstrake planking, sawn or bent frames, and they build bigger boats of historical interest, often equipped with decks and complex rigging, basic boat interiors based on current projects.

Best Wooden Model Ship Kits for Adults and Teenagers

At the end of the program, the apprentice s will receive a certificate which shows that the apprentice has fulfilled the formation in Aprendiztegi. It must be noted that this certificate has no official value. The high level of technical and problem-solving skills required in wooden boatbuilding allows the graduating boatbuilder to excel in a wide range of professional areas, such as:.

Benefiting from numerous projects related to the preservation of maritime heritage, this activity is expanding in many countries in northern Europe. The important growth in sailing activities linked to maritime heritage, increases employment in the boatbuilding sector.

A sense of place in every piece.

Modern shipbuilding is characterized by the simplification of production and use of modern building techniques and materials such as fiberglass, metal and marine plywood. Even though these materials differ greatly from wood, the basic knowledge and skills of the wooden boat builder are easily adaptable to modern building methods. In addition, traditional wood carpentry has its place within modern naval construction, both in the interiors of vessels and in decking.

The graduate will be well prepared for a job in building carpentry having mastered measuring and cutting wood, but more importantly, having learned how to face construction problems and find solutions. While solid wood has mostly been substituted by materials such as plywood, particleboard, PVC and others in conventional carpentry, the use of these materials and the making of conventional structures hold no mysteries for the wooden boat builder, accustomed to complex structures and volumes. The progressive decline of woodworking craft s manship is leading to a lack of qualified workers specialized in restoring wooden elements or structures of historical interest.

At present it is extremely difficult to find qualified workers for the restoration of architectural heritage, which requires very skilled craftspeople, and wooden boat builders are some of the best trained people for such jobs. A wooden boat is one of the most complex structures to build. The lines of boats are rarely straight, and the concave nature of their shapes requires a confident approach to three-dimensional spaces, as well as in-depth knowledge of load-bearing structures.

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Therefore, boat builders are better prepared than anyone to work in the building of unique structures such as domes, vaults, etc. Within the field of archaeology, the study of ancient shipwrecks is increasingly becoming more important. Several universities have recently included wooden boatbuilding as a complement to underwater archaeology. Although these efforts are just beginning, the increase in the study of old watercraft, leads us to predict the necessity for shipbuilders of this kind. Albaola is committed to preserving traditional maritime skills. To achieve this goal, it is fundamental to transmit them to future generations.

In order that Aprendiztegi reaches a broader spectrum of people, the school program will be free of charge and no school fees will be required for Aprendiztegi other than the deposit, refundable at the end of the three-year apprenticing period. In exchange, every six weeks the apprentice will dedicate a week from Wednesday to Sunday, coinciding with the opening hours of the Albaola Factory to fulfill tasks related to the maintenance, operation and general running of the School and of the Albaola Factory.

Such as, customer service, communication tasks and the maintenance and cleaning of boats and of the facilities of Albaola. Some flexibility will be necessary, as there will be times when extra help will be accepted. The school year starts on the first Tuesday of September and ends on the last day of August. Students are allowed one month of vacation each year, at staggered times.

The weekly schedule will be five working days, Tuesday through Saturday, with Sunday and Monday off. As part of the spirit of the School, all apprentices are encouraged to start the day with a rowing session on board the traditional boats managed by Albaola. Euskara the Basque language , Spanish, French and English will be the accepted languages used in the School. The apprentice must be ready to coexist in a multilingual and multicultural context. The facilities include a shared dorm for 18 people, laundry room, showers and a kitchen.

Timelapse film of the building of the Grayhound - final part to launch

Students who choose to live elsewhere are free of this contribution. The use of these facilities is submitted to the fulfillment of the rules and conditions established. Six new first-year apprentices will be admitted to the program every year. Applications can be submitted at any time, but it should be submitted by February 1st in order to be able to begin the program in September the same year. Once the application form, the CV and the motivation letter received, Albaola will get in touch with the candidates and personal meetings will be arranged, either in person or on Skype.

The accepted candidates will receive a Letter of Acceptance from March 1st onwards acknowledging their admittance in the program; two other documents will be also sent:.

A list of tools needed will be provided as well. New apprentices can use the tools available in Albaola or bring the tools they already own, but they will eventually have to get their own professional toolkit, as they progress in their formation. It is strongly recommended that candidates spend a minimum of two weeks volunteering in Albaola, so they can get to know Aprendiztegi from the inside; all candidates must be sure that Aprendiztegi is the right place for them before making a three-year commitment.

This deposit will be fully refunded only and exclusively at the end of the three-year apprenticing. There will be no claiming without fulfilling the three-year apprenticing period. Apprentices who leave Aprendiztegi before the end of the three-year period will lose the whole deposit. Copies of the following documents must be submitted to aprendiztegi albaola.

Students coming from countries out of the European Union should get a visa.