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This is, without a doubt, the result of the rabbinic belief that the Torah was given on Mt. After all, the Bible itself considered the Ten Commandments of seminal importance to the covenant between God and the People of Israel. The Ten Commandments are also quoted or paraphrased by the Psalms , ; , by the Prophet Hosea , and by the Prophet Jeremiah Furthermore, Philo of Alexandria first century C.

A similar idea is found in the Talmud Yerushalmi Shekalim , fol. Just as at sea there are huge waves, with a host of little waves between them, so are there Ten Commandments, with a host of refinements and particular commandments of the Torah between them Cf. Vilna fol. Mirkin, p. EJ, Vol. A similar idea is found in Numbers Rabbah , ed. That midrash states that there are letters in the Ten Commandments; letters refer to the commandments and the other 7 refer to the seven days of Creation. Furthermore, Rabbi Levi claimed that the Ten Commandments are included in other central biblical passages such as the Shema Yerushalmi Berakhot, Chapter 1, fol.

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Margaliot, p. Therefore, given their centrality, why not read the Ten Commandments every day just as we read the Shema Deut. The answer is that in the Second Temple period, Jews did indeed read the Ten Commandments every morning. So it appears from the Nash Papyrus, which was written in Egypt around b. It contains the Ten Commandments Deut.

Nash Papyrus, who refers to the classic articles on the subject. Consequently, with respect to the audience and to the function of the Decalogues in Israelite society, few scholars suggest an immediate use of the Decalogues as criminal law. Many determined its function in the current arrangement of law primarily as a summary of legal rules: The law collections that follow the Decalogues appear as interpretive specifications that unfold the Decalogue in detail; see for instance, Schmidt and Delkurt cited under Individual Commands , Miller cited under Individual Commands , and Kaufman — cited under the Decalogue as Law.

Reading the Decalogues in the context of biblical law has also posed the source-critical question of when they originated and how they developed, an important topic of 20th century scholarship. The Decalogues precede the legal collections and function as their summaries or preambles.

Any of the numerous commentaries on Exodus and Deuteronomy provide introductions to the Decalogues. Each of the six dictionary entries listed below gather basic information on the Decalogue and the numbering of the commands and introduce to the basic scholarly questions. Bartusch and Greenstein also locate the Decalogue in the field of biblical ethics and in the field of law, respectively.

Moses and the 10 Commandments

These sources give a general overview with most including glimpses into the history of research; Collins and Miller cover briefly each instruction. The bibliography in Collins is concise; the one of Perlitt is slightly dated; for more elaborate bibliographies, see Bartusch and Greenstein Collins is easily available, widely used, and suited for undergraduate use.


Perlitt and Otto , the latter in condensed style, brought source-critical and redaction historical aspects to the foreground. They provide a satisfying introduction to the subject matter at the graduate level. Harrelson puts the focus on the value of the Decalogue in ethical discourses on human rights. Ben-Zion offers samples of insights into the reception history. Like many others, Olson reads Deuteronomy 6—11 as interpretation and expansion of the first command and Deuteronomy 12—28 as interpretations and extensions of the remainder of the Decalogue. The collected essays in Brown combine exegetical perspectives with a broad sampling of the history of interpretation, including contemporary perspectives.

Coogan offers a brief overview for a broad audience. Bartusch, Mark W.

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Edited by Robert L. Brawley, — Oxford: Oxford University Press, DOI: Covers numbering, the date, the history of research and audience and purpose, the Decalogues and ethics, and controversies on the interpretation of the Decalogues today. Ben-Zion, Segal, ed.

The Ten Commandments Condensed

The Ten Commandments in History and Tradition. Jerusalem: Magnes, Brown, William P. An introduction by expert P. Subsequently the volume covers eight major interpretive approaches throughout history, such as Thomas Aquinas, Rabbinic Judaism, Martin Luther, various Reformed theologians, including John Calvin and others chapters 3—10, pp. Chapters 14—23, pp. Collins, Raymond F. Edited by David N.

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Freedman, — New York: Doubleday, Provides a survey of scholarship identifying major themes and contributors and brief annotation to each of the stipulations. Ligonier Ministries The teaching fellowship of R. Close Your Cart Loading Search Home Learn. Article Obeying God or Man? Sproul Sinclair Ferguson W.

Shavuot: Whatever Happened to The Ten Commandments? - The Schechter Institutes

Sproul R. Sproul Books That Influenced R. Coram Deo As disciples of Christ, we must define love by what the Lord has revealed and not by what happens to feel right to us at the moment.

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