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Finn, Charlene, Maybeck, Willa, and Philby open a door into a place and a time when the legend of the Disney parks is just starting.

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They are there, in , to retrieve Walt Disney's infamous pen that once saved the parks as we know them. But like all things Disney, nothing is as it seems. The early days of the Tower of Terror, the origin of the Overtakers Disney Villains , and the real power of magic unfold in an unexpected series of events that propel both the Keepers and Disney itself into a darkness no one saw coming.

Along the way, the Keepers visit Walt Disney's hilltop home, Disneyland's opening day and reception, and find themselves separated from friends sixty years away. The three Fairlies, young women in Disney's School of Imagineering, girls with astonishing powers of their own, have unmasked a long-buried secret that threatens the lives of their friends as well as everything Walt Disney worked for. What's it like to awaken in Disneyland on Opening Day, ? The five teenagers-the Kingdom Keepers-have found out the hard way. While they search for a way back to present time and their families, a businessman bent on revenge enters the swamps of Louisiana in search of a witch doctor to help him destroy the new park.

Graveyards at night, mannequins coming to life, and a group of misfits bent on sabataging the new theme park all challenge the isolated Kingdom Keepers in both day and past.

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Thrown into a world where cell phones won't be invented for thirty years, where flashlights are the size of blow-dryers, where every girl wears a dress, and the boys coats and ties, the Kingdom Keepers are truly fish out of water. Black magic proves itself as powerful a for as any the Kingdom Keepers have ever faced.

The Keepers #2: The Harp and the Ravenvine (Hardcover) | The Book Table

The past, though far more slimple in many ways, is still complicated and fraught with danger. While relationships tighten and allegiances strengthen within the Kingdom Keepers, the challenges facing them threaten to undo the good they have worked so hard to preserve. As the threats to Disneyland increase, the Kingdom Keepers begin to wonder: if they should ever figure out how to get back to the present, will there be a Disney at all?

Or has everything they've worked for over the past many years dissolved, like the real-life ghosts shimmering before there eyes? Ridley Pearson is the award-winning author of the best selling Kingdom Keepers series along with forty other novels for adults suspense and young readers adventure including co-writing with Dave Barry, Peter and the Starcatchers.

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Ridley spends a good deal of his time sneaking around the Disney parks and aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships all in the name of research. Finn is the natural leader of the group. He was the first to cross over as a DHI and the first to go all clear. He comes up with creative solutions under pressure thanks to quick thinking and courage. He's a reliable friend and holds the group together when times are tough.

Maybeck has that thing about him that makes him cool without even trying. He consider himself God's gift to everything and thrives on playing devil's advocate. His sarcastic humor isn't always appreciated by his fellow Keepers, but his artist's eye helps him see important clues other might miss. Philby is the kind of smart that makes other kids ask him to do their homework.

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He knows everything, and what he doesn't know he can figure out. Lately, Philby has had a bit of an attitude, but in spite of it or maybe because of it , he remains an invaluable member of the Keepers.

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Willa can come off as a bit geeky. She enjoys school more than she lets on, and of the five Keepers she's the only one who can match Philby in a battle of wits. She doesn't like breaking the rules, but she'll do anything for her fellow Keepers. The Overtakers are the enemies of the Kingdom Keepers. Walt Disney himself foresaw the emergence of the Overtakers, knowing that the stronger one believes in something, the more real it becomes; the more belief put in the characters, the closer they got to being in the real world.

The Overtakers intend to rule the parks and the world outside. Most of the Overtakers are the antagonists of Disney movies, attractions, and more.

Generic, lesser characters are used as their soldiers. For an unexplained reason, the Overtakers are sometimes not visible to normal people or security cameras. The Disney villains listed below are not interested in being a part of the Overtakers. Instead, they want the power of the DHIs for themselves. The Kingdom Keepers Quests are for elementary, middle and junior high school groups grades 5 to 9 of 10 or more. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Write a review.

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